Washing Machine Repairs – Soap Dispenser Draw Flooding

One Of the most common methods to get a washing machine to flooding is when water builds up and flooding throughout the soap dispenser draw, sometimes this may start as a trickle of water leaking down the front of the machine from the soap dispenser draw, then 1 day if you are not expecting it, that trickle turns into a almost uncontrollable flood of water.

Washing Machine Repairs

So what can you do if this happens to you and better still what you can do to prevent this from happening in the first location.

If You find your appliance flood from the soap dispenser draw exactly what you will need to do is to change the mains power away from the appliance main switch or the mains wall switch, whichever is most accessible, this will de-energize the electromagnet within the water inlet valve causing the valve to close and stop the water, it is possible but very unlikely but a similar sort of flood could happen even with the electrical already turned away, in this scenario the water inlet valve will most likely be faulty and need replacing, and in this case to block the flow of water out of the soap dispenser you would have to find and switch off the water shut-off valve, it is normally located in a cabinet near the appliance or behind the washing machine.

If The flood started by itself if the machine was off, you will likely have to call a appliance engineer to check and perhaps replace the water inlet valve, even if the flood only happens when YOU begin the washing machine, then it is likely you have some sort of blockage in the machine and due to the dangers involved I would advise that you call a engineer

While there is not a lot you can do to preventĀ sua may giat tai nha valve from moving faulty, there are too many different elements which are out off your own control, there is a lot you can do to stop some of the different causes of water coming from the soap dispenser draw.

Directly to the wash, if you put soap pills to a soap dispenser draw There is a chance they would not dissolve properly and wind up blocking the pipes Within your washer, do not over fill the soap dispenser draw with anything Soap you do use, and last but not least, not all soaps are equivalent, if you find In the end of the wash there is still soap left in the dispenser draw, this is Great indicator that you are using too much soap or the soap you are using is Clumping up in the draw rather than washing down to the wash correctly, first attempt Employing a much better brand of soap and if you are already using a fantastic soap brand, Consider using less soap.