Use the service to make your security effective

If you will lose the coins, to return money will be unreal. The reason is that in the laws at the moment there are no refunds of virtual money. Since the security in the cryptocurrency is totally on users, you should think about your anonymity. Use the service

Disadvantages of cryptocurrency bitcoin

There are plenty of advantages to the cryptocurrency, such as low commissions, great anonymity, and no controlling organization. However, there are also several disadvantages:

  • Great risks. This new virtual currency is not provided for anything except by demand. If demand falls, then the price for it falls too
  • It is not legalized in the majority of countries. There is a danger that countries will not legalize this currency, and this will severely undermine its interest and many will not use it
  • Because of lack of control and anonymity of payments, terrorists can easily use it, pay for drugs, etc. This creates a big problem in legitimizing bitcoins and until this problem is not solved.

 crypto currency


The security issues in the cryptocurrency

Some experts think that the system has a bad security. Here we can talk about the lack of proper security against theft, loss and other risks. Since all this is not yet official, there is a risk of being deceived by some kind of exchange system. Also, do not forget about the threats from viruses that can steal access to the wallet. Since there is no controlling organization, the security is totally on the users. To increase the security, you should take care of your anonymity. The service improves it and makes tracking impossible.