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The initial understood gas mask manufacturer was the German business Siebe, Gorman and Co which started as a manufacturer of diving matches and breathing headgears in 1819. Patents for air purifying inhaler devices were provided by the US Patent workplace as early as 1849. While these tools did not protect against the breathing of any harmful gasses they were very efficient for use in coal mines and for firefighters. The easy manufacturing process was normally executed by a tiny group of guys operating in somebody’s backyard. The H.S. Cover Firm, called after its founder, generated cup-type masks that covered the mouth and nose but left the eyes exposed. Established in 1894, this firm produced cup-type masks until the development of World Battle One when it converted to producing gas masks for the US Army.


The Drager breathing apparatus, developed in 1903 and manufactured by the Drager Business of Germany, became so preferred in the mine rescue business that the term dragerman became a synonym for a below ground mine rescue worker. The company still exists today and asserts to have actually manufactured over 2 million protective masks for the German Armed Forces during World Battle One. Today there are firms that make gas masks in almost every industrialized country of the globe. While business has always been quick to provide a nation’s armed forces with air masks, the terrorist acts of 9/11 offered the entire market an increase.

When the anthrax attacks occurred shortly after that, tiny gas mask producers came to be huge companies overnight. Significant companies like 3M, Moldex and Goodrich all got on board and began manufacturing some type of gas mask made more to stop the concerns of a worried population than anything else. Due to the fact that there have been no big scale chemical or organic strikes on significant populace locations because completion of WW1, there has actually never been an instance where using gas masks has actually resulted in saving the lives of large masses of individuals everclear detox. Still, gas mask suppliers continue to do a quick company marketing security to the general public.